Month in Review February 2021

Month in Review February 2021

The month of February has been a pretty decent one. It’s a shorter month therefore I shall make the post short too.

Content Creation

I have started a daily vlog in the form of short 59 second vertical videos matching the criteria for YouTube Shorts and TikTok. Thought I would document my ideas, share some insights etc. Here is the playlist.


I have been working on my YouTube Assist software for my honours project and learned how to use Vue.js. I was never a big fan of JavaScript, but during this period I have gained new knowledge about it and found it useful. Electron is what I am using to build my software. It is going to be a desktop application. I have been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to build Electron/JavaScript applications.


It’s surprising how quickly situations can change. From “no developments” last month to “I got hired!” this month. So, I’m pleased that I’ll be starting a graduate software quality engineer position at NCR in June. It’s my first full time role and I am excited!


I have also taken a step in the more exercise direction. I have purchased a tennis racket and a skateboard. Both will hopefully get me out of the house a bit more.