Month in Review January 2021

Month in Review January 2021

When I decided to try reviewing my months in the form of blog posts I genuinely thought I would not really have much to say about them. Despite this initiative being more of a reflection of what’s happening in my head/life I thought including world events which in some way affect me is also a good idea. So, let’s just say that I did not think anything could top the events that happened in 2020.

Main Themes

Main themes of January were sim racing, reflection and the return of motivation. In the podcast we talked about impulsive decisions, uncertainty of creativity, not spreading yourself too thin and holding $GME & $AMC. This $GME thing is quite a meme but more on this later in the “Investing” section.

Streaming & Content Creation

Over the month I have realized that streaming on Twitch is not really yielding benefits I am hoping for (to be fair there isn’t much you should expect from a software development stream). Therefore, I will focus on making YouTube videos. Maybe streaming sim racing from time to time.

Sim Racing

Recently I have gotten into sim racing. It seemed like a cool hobby and I wanted to try it out. Sim racing is pretty much a racing simulation experience. You get yourself a rig (steering wheel, pedals) and choose a simulator game. I decided to mostly focus on Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). This simulator has a great variety of main GT tracks and focuses on the GT3 and GT4 class cars. ACC is also the official GT World Challenge game. Online racing communities and leagues for most sim racing games exist. ACC is no exception. I have participated in my first endurance race which was a 2-hour drive at Zolder. I am only starting out so I drove the slower GT4 class. Car of choice being the Aston Martin AMR V8 Vantage GT4. The race was fun. I have picked up a couple of punctures… Drive through, stop and go penalties… And was bullied off track many times. Or in other words I drove watching my rear-view mirror most of the time as I did not really want to do anything stupid if there was another car behind me. Which there were a lot. There were around 50 cars on the 4-km track, and half of those were different class (the faster GT3s). I got lapped quite a few times by the faster cars. Furthermore, for the first half of the race, I felt a lack of grip as I’ve chosen the wrong tire pressures which I did not notice during practice or qualifying. To sum up, it was an absolutely great learning experience. I’ve signed up for a league with 10 weekly races in different circuits so this will be fun too. Looking forward to seeing the improving times.


Apes together strong! Diamond hands! None of that paperhand crap. Hold it boys! The short squeeze is here.

Just to throw a disclaimer out there: I am by no means a financial services expert. I’m just an ape with a typewriter expressing my thoughts on the internet.

What a spectacle this Reddit vs hedge funds is. It is happening at the time of writing this. Over 120% of GameStop stock is shorted and people know it thanks to r/WallStreetBets. Elon Musk our savior is also involved in this. Quick sidenote it seems like anything he touches turns to gold (whatever publicly traded entity he tweets about the stock goes up). Back to the main topic. The masses are winning by bankrupting the greedy hedge funds. That’s the tl;dr. For more information consult actual reputable sources, read as many different (possibly inevitably biased towards one or the other) sources and make up your own mind about what’s happening.

I’m looking to get into more stocks as the market is currently impacted by all this craze and many stock prices are going down. Even Apple, Microsoft, Tesla to name a few.

If you are interested in discussing stocks and investments there is a #stocks channel on my Discord server. You are free and very welcome to join. There’s more stuff there like #shareworthy and other general discussions.


A notable art piece that has piqued my interest is a painting by Jules Adolphe Breton called “The Song of the Lark”. I’ll let you look at it yourself and decide what you see there. Don’t want to have an influence on the way you interpret it. As mentioned previously any discussion is encouraged on the Discord. Let me know what you think about it.


Regaining motivation to finish the game I have done some progress on Squirrel Forest. Nothing to be proud of yet tho. A weird behavior of the Unity game engine involving shaders has halted my progress a bit. After having reported it and learning that it’s supposed to be that way I was just confused how this nonsense is marked as “By Design” in the issue tracker. It’s just frustrating but I will look for workarounds.

My final university project is going to be called “Development of a Software Suite for Assisting YouTube Content Creators”. Or something similar. I wanted to dabble a bit in this content creation and discoverability crux. Maybe hoping that this tool is going to help me make videos. Who knows. We’ll see what happens.


No major developments in regards to my career yet. The only thing I’ve realized is that I’d probably not want to work in DevOps or web. This leads me back to the game programmer role that I have earlier dismissed. All in all, this might be an interesting path to try. Although I don’t know if I wanna make games either… It’s tough. Again, we’ll see what happens.


Looking back at the year in review 2020 post there is an exercise section. However, I have not formally exercised yet. Yikes. Feels bad typing this out.