Month in Review March 2021

Month in Review March 2021

March was decent. I have been mostly working on my honours project. Pretty difficult to reflect back on the month.. It feels like it flew by pretty fast.

Content Creation

My daily short vlogs are still going strong. Here is the playlist. I’ve included some gaming content too, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I feel like I may want to revert back to making videos less often but put more thought into them.. However, this could just be a sign of laziness and if I stop uploading daily I may stop uploading completely. I’ll try to keep this streak up as much as possible. It’s not a streak anymore, however, as I have missed one day because of feeling unwell and one other day because of YouTube scheduling. I have made up for it by posting two videos the next day though. So, in total the number of videos does equal the days since the daily uploads starting date.


I have continued working on my YouTube Assist software for my honours project. I have implemented a few new features. Even a YouTube video upload using their API. The problem with that currently is that the video receives a “locked in private” status therefore you cannot publish it. This most likely happens because my app is not confirmed by Google therefore it is untrusted. The plan here is to eventually submit it for review if I find the app worthy of being released to the public.


Me and the boys got into Valheim. I’ve started hosting a server. Really fun game to spend an evening socializing in the virtual world full of dangers and creative possibilities. I’ve mostly enjoyed designing and constructing buildings. Built all the houses and even made a chapel. Gotta keep that spiritual morale of the tribe up.

I’ve also participated in the penultimate ACC ACR GT4 race of the season. I will be signing up for the GT3s next season. As much as I don’t find much time to be able to practice properly before the races I believe when uni is over I’ll have more time and an hour of racing a week won’t hurt anyone.


After getting hired last month I am already waiting for my start date. Want to be done with university faster!


I’ve mostly moved away from investing into stocks and tried cryptocurrencies. Crypto moves faster, is more volatile and risky. I am trying to manage the risk and am not investing more than I am willing to lose. I still am holding a single stock however. Not financial advice.


Some skateboarding, tennis and even running! I have hurt my hip and shin while skateboarding tho.