Personal Website Rework

Website Rework

I enjoy minimalism. Therefore, I have always wanted to have a simple website. All of the previous versions of my personal site were designed by me from the ground up and usually resembled a very primitive business card. It would include links to social medias and maybe a brief bio. Looking back they weren’t the most attractive.

I have never really had a blog on my own website either. Have considered using Wordpress or Ghost. However, these solutions seemed clunky and required a database. I have even started organising a very simple markdown blogging solution just so I could have markdown files rendered into blog posts.

Static site generators (SSGs) are something I came across quite some time ago already. However, I’ve never gotten down to trying them out. Having only spent a couple of hours today messing around with Hugo I am already at a point where I am satisfied with how the website looks and what the workflow of updating the site is. These blog posts are in markdown too! That’s great. Seems like I’ve found a solution for now.

This project is a complete overhaul of my website. Currently I have chosen to have 4 pages.

  1. About
  2. Blog
  3. Projects
  4. CV

I will settle with this for now. Will hopefully start posting blog posts more often.